How to Integrate Tenacity in AWS

Step-by-step guide with explainer on running the CloudFormation Stack to integrate Tenacity with your AWS account.

This guide will walk you through the process of integrating your AWS account(s) with Tenacity. It takes only a couple of minutes to configure and less than 3 minutes for your data to become available in the Tenacity console.

What Tenacity Will Create

  • An IAM Role which delegates access for Tenacity to gather read-only information about your AWS cloud infrastructure
  • IAM Policies which allow the Tenacity IAM Role to access the read-only meta-data about your AWS cloud infrastructure
  • A Lambda function that creates an AWS Cost and Usage report for the Tenacity platform to read and analyze
  • An S3 bucket where AWS delivers the Cost and Usage report and from which Tenacity will be able to access the Cost and Usage report


  • You will need to log into your AWS Root/Payer account as a user with access to create a CloudFormation Stack
  • You will need your Root/Payer account ID and (optionally) any Sub-Organization AWS account ID’s that you would like to immediately integrate with Tenacity (this can be done later)

How to Integrate your AWS account with Tenacity (2 minutes)

Step 1. From the Integration link, you should now be at the Connect AWS Account page

Enter your Root/Payer Account ID

(optional) you may also enter any Sub Account ID’s

Click Next Step

Step 2. On the Final Steps page, under Root/Payer Account

Click CloudFormation Template to open a tab to your AWS console

Switch to the AWS console tab and complete the next step

Step 3. On the Quick create stack page in the AWS console you will see the following

(optionally) Under Template is the Template URL. You can copy and open this link to examine the Tenacity CloudFormation template

Under Parameters, do not change any of the parameter information or the integration will fail

At the bottom of the page, under Capabilities, check the I acknowledge… box and click Create Stack

Step 4. You may return to the Final Steps page

(optional) You may repeat the last two steps for anything under Sub accounts

Click Discover the Dashboard to explore the Tenacity console. Your data will begin to populate within 2-3 minutes.

What Access Will Tenacity Need?

Tenacity requires this level of access to your cloud environment

How Do I Find My Account ID?

  1. Log into the AWS console:
  2. Expand the account menu in the top right corner
  3. Copy the Account ID

Additional Questions?

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