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How MSPs Can Leverage New Value in Public Cloud Services.

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Few Managed Service Providers are adding strategic value for their customers who are adapting the public cloud. Unfortunately, this could be a bankruptcy level mistake. In 2022, there's $397 billion up for grabs to the Managed Service Provider who is savvy enough to embrace and offer the right public cloud solution.

However, MSPs will only remain relevant in the new world of hyper-scaler public cloud when they:

• Recognize the monumental demand shift from private on-prem clouds to public scalability

• Revamp their value add to address the technical complexity, compliance anxiety and operational security needs of their customers

• Adjust the processes and technologies they use to deliver value, improving beyond the traditional business model to something real time, continuous and trusted.

This whitepaper covers the rise of public cloud adoption, challenges of cloud adoption that MSPs can specifically provide expertise and resources to, and how service providers can leverage public cloud services, especially around security and compliance, to provide new and lasting value to their customers.

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