Tackling The Top 5 Challenges of FinOps Professionals

As cloud spend continues to rise across organizations of all sizes, so does the focus on FinOps. In this download, we're breaking down the top 5 challenges of FinOps teams and offering a clear solution for getting a grip on cloud spend.

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As global spending on cloud services continues to rise - with expectations of spend to reach over $482 billion in 2022 - FinOps professionals are facing the many challenges that come with bringing order to the chaos of cloud cost management. To help, we’re breaking down the top 5 FinOps challenges and offering a clear solution in Tenacity for getting a grip on cloud spend once and for all.

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In a recent survey of over 800 FinOps professionals, there was a commonality amongst stakeholders when it came to the top struggles around cloud spend:

- 39% reported Getting Engineers to Take Action

- 33% reported Dealing with Shared Costs

- 26% reported Accurate Forecasting

- 24% reported Reducing Waste or Unused Resources

- 23% reported Full Allocation of Costs

In this download, we'll be deep-diving into each of the challenges above, as well as offering individual solutions for tackling it head on. We'll also be sharing the ways in which Tenacity can help FinOps professionals get a grip on their cloud spend.

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