Your Day 1, Week 1, Month 1 Checklist for Your New DevOps Role

If you're starting in a new DevOps role, here’s a quick checklist of everything that you should cover on day one, week one, month one so you can start out as the hero and stay that way.
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So, you just landed a new DevOps gig and you need to familiarize yourself with… *gestures to everything.* While you’ve probably already got a list of system improvements and to-do's in your head, here’s a quick checklist of everything that should be covered in your first month at your new role so you don't miss out on any important tasks.

What You'll Find in the


What You'll Find Inside

In this three page checklist, we'll be covering all of the onboarding essentials that you should be tackling in your first month at a new DevOps role, including:

  • Setting yourself up for success on day one
  • Getting the lay of the land
  • Checking under the hood of your AWS environment
  • Identifying observability gaps
  • Picking up small development tasks
  • And more

We'll also be sharing how Tenacity can help give you an easy, contextual look at what your environment looks like, as well as surface resources that might be flying under the radar. For even more AWS cloud resources, visit our blog.

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