Cloud Excellence that actually means something

Everything about AWS cloud security is confusing (sometimes on purpose) and expensive. 

We think that’s bullshit.

Tenacity was created to go the other way. We make cloud security accessible to everyone by simplifying, clarifying, and delivering cloud excellence in a single platform. Now everyone can get a grip on their cloud.

We believe that’s a worthy mission.



The quality of holding together firmly

For decades, Tenacity’s founders watched and shaped the creation of the public cloud as we know it today. They saw how the problems built into the backbone of legacy IT infrastructure were confusingly lifted and shifted to the cloud with everything else.


  • Assets are difficult to managed and track

  • Costs are a black box and often a surprise each month

  • Security measures are siloed and reactive

  • Compliance is a periodic scramble, wasting valuable energy and resources

Before Tenacity, the market responded with a multiverse of tools to solve niche problems in the most technically complex ways imaginable. Engineers went and did what great engineers do. They built beautifully designed engines for elegant tasks.

Tenacity goes right to the source of these problems and now it’s possible to:

  • Visualize and interrogate every asset you own

  • Breakdown and allocate costs within unique business contexts

  • Focus on the security alerts that matter

  • Foresee and plan the road ahead for compliance audits

Meet The Team

Get to know the (Cloud) Dream Team

Work more easily with everyone

Tenacity exists so every company can thrive in a secure public cloud - safeguarding every budget and security profile without hindering growth.

value add on day zero

You shouldn't have to wait days or weeks for a security report. Tenacity installs in minutes and provides value within hours.

made for companies on the rise

Tenacity is designed for companies moving fast. Our platform can be implemented and managed without hiring dedicated staff.

from engineer to executive

Still having trouble getting useful information you need to run your business? We solved that.

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