March 17, 2022

How to Enhance the Visibility of Public Cloud Misconfigurations

Cloud misconfigurations are some of the biggest challenges in cloud security today. Identifying and resolving these issues is a key way to achieve cloud security.

The explosion of information technology has revolutionized virtually every field of business, and companies rely on data more than ever. Internal records, marketing data, logistics information, and more often exist in the cloud rather than on paper. This is a godsend for operational efficiency and physical security, but it can also expose new, unique cloud security risks. One of the greatest risks companies have to deal with is cloud misconfigurations — human errors that are surprisingly common and potentially catastrophic.

The Problem: Cloud Misconfigurations

Companies spend vast sums on cloud security because they know the cost of a data breach is greater, with an average cost of more than $4 million per breach. These can be the result of complex attacks or simple phishing schemes, but one of the leading vulnerabilities is simple misconfigurations of your company's cloud assets. A survey by Accurics found misconfigurations in 93% of the servers it examined— which is alarming when you consider that up to 70% of all security challenges originate from misconfigurations.

What Are Cloud Misconfigurations And Why Are They So Easy To Make?

Cloud misconfigurations are essentially any case of a cloud and its assets not having their intended configuration. Individuals who lack the necessary expertise may make changes to security groupings without understanding the consequences, but even experts can make mistakes. Incorrectly binding sockets to work interfaces or using a default network are extremely easy oversights for anyone to commit. This is why misconfigurations are almost universal across cloud servers, but the real issue is the way that they compromise security. Since most clouds today are virtual private servers that exist publically, any poor configuration can leave your data open for the world to see.

Each misconfiguration carries its own risks for your companies' data, but the problem is that any component of your database may be misconfigured. If you haven't performed a check for misconfigurations, then any of your assets may be vulnerable for anyone to find by scanning the IP ranges of public managed services. Customer credit cards, internal records, and all manner of confidential information may be silently compromised already. However, it's possible to rectify these issues and resolve cloud misconfigurations before they create serious issues.

The Solution: Foundational Cloud Security

Complete cloud security relies on an effective combination of user expertise, sound infrastructure, and defensive tools. In the past decades, companies have made greater efforts than ever to inform their workers about security risks and proper security protocols. This helps prevent the typical social engineering attacks that attempt to trick people into compromising their accounts. Companies also spend more than ever on technology that seeks out unusual activity to help identify and counter leaks. The most neglected area is the basic infrastructure, which you can mitigate with foundational cloud security.

If defensive programs and tools are akin to a high-grade anti-burglar alarm, foundational cloud security is a sturdy deadlock and closed windows. While advanced programs are invaluable to security, they lose value without sound fundamentals. By enhancing visibility throughout your cloud environment, it's possible to find lurking issues that represent the metaphorical loose door frame and unlocked window of your digital home.

How to Enhance Visibility of Misconfiguration

The first step to resolving an issue is seeing it, but if it were as simple as looking more closely, no one would have cloud misconfiguration problems. Thankfully, you can streamline the process with technical solutions that focus on searching for misconfigurations and inconsistencies.

These tools can examine your cloud data from a third-party perspective that helps illuminate human error and direct your attention to solvable problems. Ideally, you'll also be able to follow up on this with assistance in remediation to secure the basic foundation of your service. In both cases, you can turn to Tenacity for support in achieving foundational cloud security.

Tenacity makes every step possible to facilitate an efficient, convenient, and effective experience for our users. Sign up on your own to begin your free personalized audit audit and our program will immediately begin seeking security, compliance, and asset management issues throughout your environment. If you'd like, you can reach out for guidance through the process from our customer success team too achieve full visibility within your cloud server.

If you've found that your cloud has misconfiguration issues, Tenacity is ready with a range of remediation guidelines services to resolve them. Click here to get started.

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