April 5, 2022

How To Make Cloud Compliance Audits Way F-ing Easier

Cloud compliance audits don't have to suck. In this post, we're sharing our tips for automating the task of cloud compliance into your regular workflow so they're no big deal.

If there’s one universal truth among cloud security stakeholders, it’s that compliance audits suck.

Audits are usually the date circled in red in your calendar that you dread and put off as much as possible, kicking the foreboding list of to-dos and recommendations further down the line. And when it comes time to actually get started, there’s the common panic realization that there’s no clear path of where to start.

However, the task of cloud audits aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, regulations only continue to grow as more organizations move to the cloud and threats of cyberattacks become more prevalent. And thanks to the Shared Responsibility Model of hyperscale cloud providers like Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure, and Google’s GCP, it’s up to each consumer to maintain the regulatory compliance of their end of the stack. 

But, as dreadful as compliance checks can be, they’re there for a good reason. There are serious data breaches every single day and the cost of recovery is routinely running into the millions.

Thankfully, a secure and compliant public cloud is possible - and better yet, there’s a way to automate compliance into your regular cloud workflow, turning the dreaded “extra work” that audits usually feel like into an automated report that keeps you updated on your cloud compliance status regularly. 

Automating the Task of Cloud Compliance

Whether you have two or twenty compliance frameworks to be concerned with, there are ways to automate the compliance puzzle so that you can feel confident operating safely, expanding into new markets, and saying yes to new products in your existing business.

Our Tenacity platform takes the complexity of compliance and brings audit checks into your regular workflow so audits are NBD - no big deal. (The best kind of acronym to hear in public cloud.)

First, we’ll check and scan your environment to identify any vulnerabilities or gaps that may need attention. Then you can select the compliance frameworks that you’d like to map your environment to and we’ll run a report that shows you which sections you are passing or failing. Plus, we offer up specific business-level context behind each failing section so you know what exactly needs to be fixed and how you can fix it.

Your organization can choose from a number of common frameworks that line up with your regular cloud audits, including GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2, AWS FRT, CIS AWS, CIS Azure, PCI, and more. Or, if your organization requires custom frameworks, our Tenacity team can work with you directly to build out a framework that maps your cloud environment specifically to your business requirements.

Once your frameworks are selected, Tenacity will check, recheck, and then keep on checking that all of your public cloud resources are configured correctly in real time…not just a one-point-in-time scan.

Use Tenacity for Easier Compliance Checks

Want to see how your cloud environment stacks up against compliance frameworks like HIPPA, SOC 2, and ISO 27001? You can Sign Up for Tenacity today (no credit card or meeting required) and your Compliance Dashboard will begin populating right away. It’s really that simple.

We’re also constantly adding new compliance frameworks to our platform as regulations in the cloud change, so that you’re up to date with the latest requirements before auditors come calling.

Ready to run your free cloud compliance audit? Click here to get started.

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