January 11, 2022

Podcast: Delivering Compliance at Scale with Tech & Main Presents

Tenacity's CEO, Jason Yaeger, joins the Tech & Main Presents podcast for a casual chat about delivering cloud compliance at scale, getting into the cybersecurity world, and the problems that Tenacity aims to solve.

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This week, Tenacity's CEO, Jason Yaeger, was invited on to one of our favorite tech podcasts, Tech & Main Presents - a weekly show where host Shaun St. Hill invites thought leaders to share their tips and insights about what's going on in the world of technology. Needless to say, we were pretty geeked when Jason was asked to come on and share his thoughts on delivering cloud compliance at scale, give advice to those just getting into the cybersecurity world, and even reveal who his favorite musical artist of all time is. (Let's just say we can't wait for him to debut that artist tee at our next company-wide meeting.)

Want a sneak peek at some of the insights that were shared? Here's a quick look inside the episode...

Shaun St. Hill: Let's talk about Tenacity's push to democratize cloud security. What are your clients facing as far as major issues?

Jason Yaeger: The two major pains that we solve for our customers are the two biggest issues in public cloud that businesses are facing: security and cost.

It's not easy to go into AWS and know everything that you have deployed across all of your accounts, all your regions, and all your subscriptions. So for security, you need to start by knowing what you have. We give users a simple view into everything that they have deployed across all their public cloud providers, accounts, region, subscriptions, etc. We take that and all the metadata around the configuration of those services and we show users where they have vulnerabilities in their configuration. 

For instance, one of the biggest problems in the public cloud is security around data breaches. You probably see data breaches all the time. You know, some company did this or that, which caused personal identifiable information to get out, whether it be employee information or customer information. 

But it's estimated that about two thirds of all cloud data breaches are a result of misconfigured services in the public. Not some extremely convoluted way of getting into the application or application vulnerability. Nope… someone just left a storage bucket open to the public and someone was able to get in and get the data from that entry point. Tenacity has hundreds of rules and vulnerabilities that we're checking for in configuration of services. So, we help mitigate two thirds of the reason why companies have data breaches in the cloud. 

We also map all that to compliance frameworks, so our customers know how they're performing within a specific compliance framework.

From a budget intelligence or billing perspective, Tenacity gives companies very detailed analytics and data around where all their costs are going in the public cloud, down to the individual resource level, so they know where their money's going, what are the factors that are causing it to increase or decrease, etc. We take all that data and we show them where they can save money, as well. 

The second biggest problem in the public cloud is that 35% of all public cloud usage is estimated to be waste. Most times when we install Tenacity on one of our customers' environments, they immediately find at least 15% in annual savings, all the way up to 35%. In fact, we just had a customer we installed two weeks ago that immediately found $30,000 in annual spend that was wasted. That's $30k in resources they immediately went and terminated. So they're going to save $30,000… the platform more than paid for itself for them.

Shaun: So, these are real savings. These are real numbers. And for companies that are still slowly but surely coming out of the pandemic, that’s $30,000. If we keep it real, that may be the difference between you staying in business or not.

Jason: Absolutely. Whether that amount of money is going to bankrupt you or not, that’s still a huge win for any company. Also, some companies don’t use us to save money from a budget perspective, but rather as a way to validate what they’re spending.

So, maybe your business asks you to validate your spend: “Our costs went up by 10% last month. Why? Where’s that money going?” That information is extremely hard to get to if you have 30,000 assets spread across many accounts in many regions. Tenacity helps give those companies the ability to validate, by giving them a place they can point to and say “Right here. This is where. This is our production infrastructure, which is the only thing that went up by a significant amount last month.” Or, “ If you go back and look at sales, you can see that we sold more than we were expecting, which is why this is off because we had to deploy more than usual.”

That’s just another aspect that we solve for… companies that need to prove why they're spending as much as they are in the public cloud and why it's increasing every month.

Shaun: So, we heard you say you're showing customers where their vulnerabilities are. You're helping map them to compliance. You're giving them what I will call “extreme billing visibility.” Is there anything else you want to share along the lines of how Tenacity is helping its clients?

Jason: Yeah, the other thing I would say is that it’s also our goal to provide a customer service experience that adds value. Not only can you reach out to us, ask us any questions, figure out how to use the platform, but we want to build a world-class customer success organization. Not only will you have a more secure, better managed, cheaper cloud infrastructure, but you're also going to have a company that you can actually talk to.

I think we can all do a better job at making people feel like other human beings. If I want to chat through the chat bot, that’s great. But if I want to schedule a quick call with you just to walk through something that I can't figure out, I want somebody to be there for it - and not just if you’re an enterprise, top-tier client.

Tenacity has a freemium product that is for companies that are spending less than $1k in the public cloud. We're not going to treat them any differently than the ones that spend $100k, because we want them to grow with us. We want them to continue to use our platform as they grow, whether they're migrating to the public cloud or they're a startup that’s going to be spinning up more services.

We want our customers to feel like we're providing them value more so than just our software. I've experienced poor customer service pain points from companies a lot lately, and I think we can all do better from a customer service standpoint and not have it break the bank.

Want to listen to the full Tech & Main Presents podcast episode? Check out the recording below:

Also be sure to contact our Tenacity team if you want to learn more about how our cost, security and compliance features can help transform your public cloud environment in 2022.

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