February 1, 2022

Self Service: All The Power of Tenacity, No Meetings Required

Two clicks. Five minutes. Zero phone calls… meet Tenacity’s new Self Service feature.

Today, introverted engineers around the world are celebrating. Why? Because with today’s launch of Tenacity’s new Self Service feature, they can now drastically improve their cloud… all without dealing with a single freakin’ person. You’re welcome.

By simply heading to TenacityCloud.com and clicking “Sign Up,” you can now access all of the power and data of Tenacity — cost-savings, compliance, security, asset visibility — without wasting a minute in a meeting with a salesperson. (No offense to Ryan, our head of Sales and Partnerships. It’s not you, it’s us.)

The truth is, unnecessary sales meetings are annoying. And when your day is already full of juggling endless security alerts and sprint meetings, the last thing you want to do when you find a time-and-cost-savings solution is jump into an hour-long onboarding call that puts you even further away from a fix.

That’s why we’re letting all new sign-ups jump the line, by never having to get in line in the first place.

How Tenacity Self Service Works

With a few clicks, five minutes, and zero Zoom meetings, you can now be completely set up with a Tenacity account, including full access to our signature cost recommendations and forecasts, prioritized misconfiguration groupings, and robust end-to-end compliance checks across the board. Plus, this new Self Service feature supports single accounts, multiple accounts, and sub accounts.

Ready to get started? Follow these simple steps...

Step 1: Head to TenacityCloud.com and click “Sign Up.” From there, you’ll just need to share your company name and confirm that you’re not a robot. No pressure.

Step 2: Share some basic information about yourself so that we can get you set up with an administrative user account. This usually takes just a couple of seconds to process and create. Once it’s been created, your login information will be sent to your provided email address.

Step 3: Time to get your Tenacity account integrated with your public cloud provider. If you are connecting an AWS account, it should only take about three minutes to get set up and a couple hours for your fully-integrated data to populate inside your Tenacity dashboard. If you have a Microsoft Azure account to connect, you can schedule a quick install to get your Azure account integrated ASAP. (You can repeat the cloud integration process with as many providers as you’d like.)

By the way, while we are gathering information from your AWS account to pull into your Tenacity dashboard, it’s important to note that we will be looking at only your metadata using AWS API calls. Tenacity will never inflict change on your environment. Instead, we use “read only” access to look at your configuration data (without ever diving into data at the account or app level) in order to create a prioritized list of problems that should be addressed by your team. 

And that’s it! You’ve ignored us entirely, while still showing your cloud some serious love… and we love you more for it! (Kinda like a real relationship.) If you need any more help, be sure to check out our full Self Integration guided video tutorial over in our Knowledge Hub.

Want to see the ease of Tenacity’s Self Service for yourself? There’s nothing stopping you. Head to our website and click “Sign Up” now to get started

The best part? Our platform is free for the first 14 days (no credit card required) and stays that way for all accounts that have less than $1k in cloud spend.

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