Adding/Removing AWS Accounts from Tenacity Integration

The following document will guide you through adding or removing AWS accounts from your Tenacity integration.

Update Root/Payer CloudFormation Stack

  1. Log in to CloudFormation in the AWS console
  2. Click the TenacityIntegrationRootAccount Stack
  1. Click Update to modify the stack
  1. Select Use current template then click Next
  1. Modify your integration by adding or removing your AWS accounts from the AWSAccounts input box
  1. Click Next
  2. On Configure stack options click Next
  3. On Review TenacityIntegrationRootAccount scroll to the bottom and check the box next to I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names. Click Update stack.

Adding AWS Sub-Accounts to Tenacity

Follow directions (or copy/paste) to add a Sub-Account stack. Optionally we should add directions for modifying StackSets.

Removing AWS Sub-Accounts from Tenacity

Directions pending.

This Adding/Removing AWS Accounts Guide was produced by Nick Lumsden with 💜