March 8, 2022

It’s Time to Get a Grip on Your Cloud

Cloud security is full of chaos and confusion. Learn how Tenacity can help you Get a Grip on Your Cloud.™

Most organizations move to the cloud because they need to solve a lot of the problems created by traditional on-prem solutions.

How can we be more efficient with our compute power? How do we scale our infrastructure? How do we save money? How can we keep our environment secure?

But the cloud brings with it its own set of challenges that you can’t seem to get your arms around.

It’s something we’ve talked about at Tenacity since the beginning — if you could just see all of your cloud assets in one manageable place, if you could just enforce a wide range of compliance frameworks over all of your assets, if you could just secure your cloud without being overwhelmed with aggressive alerts…

If you could just get a grip on your cloud… then you could actually feel confident in your environment and come out on top of your cybersecurity issues. 

But finding a solution to do that was overly complicated and maddening… not unlike cloud security in itself.

Get a Grip with Tenacity

Did you know that the word Tenacity literally means “being able to grip something firmly”? Seriously, check it out:

Etymology: 16th Century: from Latin tenāx, from tenēre to hold

Holding or grasping firmly
; forceful: a tenacious grip; retentive: a tenacious memory; stubborn or persistent; holding together firmly; tough or cohesive; tending to stick or adhere

And that’s what Tenacity is all about.

In a world of cloud fog and confusion, Tenacity delivers clarity by identifying and prioritizing your cloud security risks along with unique cost-savings strategies, so you can actually get a grip on your cloud security and spend.

No thousands of alerts to wade through that are all marked with the same “high priority” level. No multiple log-ins or tools across AWS and Azure just to see what you’re spending. Tenacity provides you with the context you need to understand the problem, the confidence to solve it, and the single-source platform that improves cloud clarity once and for all.

Ready to get your public cloud environment under control? Let Tenacity help you Get a Grip.

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