January 4, 2022
Managed Service Providers

How MSPs Can Bring Value with Compliance Management

Cloud heroes wanted! Learn how Managed Service Providers can bring value with compliance management.

After security, compliance closely follows as a top cloud challenge, with 75 percent indicating it as a top priority (Flexera State of the Cloud Report 2021). 

But it's no wonder - compliance is everywhere these days. Everyone from your local bank to your local candy shop is either directly responsible for adhering to an industry regulation or works with a vendor who is. 

Compliance and the Public Cloud

AWS and Azure both claim to be compliant with about a gazillion different regulations, including HIPAA, FISMA, FEDRAMP, GDPR, and FIPS 140-2, just to name a few. However, there’s an important distinction to make: only the infrastructure behind these clouds is compliant. But it’s up to the consumer to ensure the data, applications, networking, and system management are also compliant in order to officially claim compliance with any specific regulation. 

In fact, Amazon calls out the Shared Responsibility Model right there on its website. (Big emphasis on the shared part of that phrase.) When you look at it, there’s a lot that the customer has to do on their end.

Amazon has tried to make adjustments to their default controls to force their customers to think a little bit harder about security (and therefore compliance). Still, the truth is, cybersecurity is its own beast that many “regular” IT folks at the enterprise organization aren’t fully trained to deal with. The professionals who do have the proper knowledge about this likely have many other priorities and don’t have enough time to dedicate themselves solely to security.

Where MSPs Can Provide Public Cloud Value

Smart MSP’s understand that within the cloud compliance conversation is the opportunity to be a hero.

They can do so by using the right tools (like Tenacity) to show their enterprise customers how their public cloud environment may be (and likely is) out of compliance and provide them with action steps they can take to resolve outstanding issues before the auditors come calling. 

Most businesses are not experts in compliance, and there’s a huge opportunity for service providers to offer guidance and critical information that directly affects the customers’ bottom lines. 

By identifying areas of non-compliance and providing remittance advice through a simple dashboard that’s easy for anyone to understand (think Compliance 101), MSPs can help their customers easily rectify potentially devastating mistakes that might otherwise take years to catch, or not catch at all. 

All of this is screaming for a Trusted Provider with the knowledge and resources to help the enterprise with the finer, critical nuances of public cloud. This should be a familiar refrain by now: Leveraging the right tools can help the MSP save the day here. (Cue the heroic music.)

Check out TenacityCloud.com to see what those right tools are and how easy it is for you to delight your customers with them.

Want to Learn More Abut How to Leverage Value in Public Cloud Services?

Be sure to take a look at our latest MSP focused white paper! It details the rise of public cloud adoption, challenges of cloud adoption that MSPs can specifically provide expertise and resources to, and how service providers can leverage public cloud services to provide new and lasting value to their customers.

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